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As egg farmers, we care about the welfare of our hens.
We adhere to the highest scientific standards for egg production and undergo independent audits from the USDA and third party auditors to ensure the health and welfare of our animals.
What does CA SEFS mean?
As a California egg consumer, you may have noticed a NEW statement on your egg carton. The “California Shell Egg Food Safety Compliant” or the abbreviated “CA SEFS Compliant” statement means that the eggs you’re purchasing have gone through added measures to reduce the risk of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) contamination, as specified in California Code of Regulation Title 3 Section1350 (3 CCR 1350). SE is the number one food borne illness associated to raw shell eggs. The California shell egg industry worked closely with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to develop this regulation. Both entities are ever mindful to assure that healthful, wholesome and safe eggs are available to California consumers. For more information please visit
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